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Wine 101

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Wines 101



In this section, I shall attempt to give some pragmatism to the art and science of drinking, buying and understanding wine. The subject is very complex and let me state for the record that I am only an enthusiast, perhaps like you.In addition, there are individuals whose palettes are refined to the point where they can distinguish the subtleties of vintages, varietals, fermentation methods, skill of the producer and so on. For most of us however, we cannot make this distinction to that level Ė with different people differentiating various levels. We can still educate ourselves and enjoy wine that is complemented by a specific meal. Or perhaps thatís vice versa. Lots of snob appeal goes into wine drinking. You donít have to spend an inordinate amount of money to get an acceptable bottle Ė in fact, even if you wanted to enjoy a glass or 2 every day, it can still be affordable, enjoyable and a lot of fun (of course the buzz that you get wonít hurt either).Iím convinced that with a little education, the average person can make the transition and thoroughly enjoy wine with a variety of foods and elevate the dining experience. Some people can afford and perhaps discern that Wine Spectator rating of 98 or a rare vintage, but most cannot. The trick is to buy a wine that you enjoy and is affordable to your budget. In my section on wine recommendations, I will develop that list. I will keep the price to under $20 in most cases and this is clearly a work in progress.