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The Vermont Culinary Exchange website was started in the spring of 2007 to incorporate unbiased restaurants reviews and various food articles that are aimed at the food enthusiast and visitor to the Vermont culinary experience. The tone of the site will be somewhat humorous, hopefully informative although a bit sarcastic, as that’s part of my personality anyway. It will not be your typical recipe site – there are plenty of excellent ones already in existence. Aside from the aforementioned reviews, I will focus on various tips and techniques, libations with a twist, interviews and articles if interest to food enthusiasts – well of interest to me anyway. The goal is to either save some money, initiate a provocative discussion about culinary issues and experiences, as well as develop food strategies to incorporate into a healthier lifestyle – we Americans have extremely poor eating habits. Of course, I will be candid and give you my culinary failures as well, which might actually make for better reading.


As far as qualifications, here is the part where I tell you about all of my professional training and years of experience as a master chef – NOT! In fact I’m just like most of you. I have never been a professional chef, although I’ve played one on TV – I had to get that cliché in. I do, however, have great respect for those chefs that can incorporate uncommon foods in unique ways to extend taste experiences. I believe that food preparation is both a science and an art. I have been cooking as an amateur most of my life. My grandmother was a professional baker in NYC at a famous, now defunct hotel. My mother although an excellent cook, learned from her, although not in a professional capacity. Of course, that qualifies me very little to do any of this. Most of all, I love to eat – especially expertly prepared food. My professional life has spanned 40 years in information technology within various industries from manufacturing (when there was such a thing) to entertainment to commodities. This afforded me the opportunity to travel a great deal and eat out in great restaurants around the world. Sounds like fun on the surface, but after spending 12 – 14 hours in the office on a business trip, your only pleasure is the get a fine meal and then collapse in your hotel room. When I wasn’t traveling, I was cooking. I read cook books like novels and try new dishes on family and friends – sometimes with disastrous results. I would think nothing of inviting people to my home and preparing dishes that I have never cooked before – sometimes, never tasted before.


My only formal culinary training came when I attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. It was great – like living out your life fantasy. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences that I ever had. At that point, I wanted to pursue a culinary career (albeit, second career). My instructor then enlightened me as to the rigors of being a professional chef and of course, I read “Kitchen Confidential” by Anthony Bourdain. I decided that it would be more realistic to combine both passions – software development with love of food – hence this site. It will evolve over time and for that I beg your indulgence – especially early on. I will make it as interesting and informative as I possibly can with frequent updates.


I would like to thank Chef David Kamen of the CIA in Hyde Park, NY who is not only an excellent chef, but a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. Anyone who can put up with me deserves some recognition. I would like to dedicate the site to my mother and grandmother who influenced me and taught me to love – really love food.


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